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    Official Rules of My Kinz World


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    Official Rules of My Kinz World

    Post by puncuation on Sun Apr 13, 2008 1:19 pm

    The Major Rules of My Kinz World

    1.no racism
    2.no insulting people
    3.no spamming
    4.no double posting its unpleasant and useless
    5.no scamming
    6.no begging for other peoples things when you are trading
    7.If you are a mod or admin, DO NOT take advantage of it like banning members and deleting and editing their posts just for fun.
    8.Three or more broken rules results in Banning!
    9.Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    10.Obey the Rules as if YOUR LIFE DEPENDED on it.
    11. respect other people
    12. Do NOT ask for last names Where people live & phone numbers
    13. Nothing inapropriate

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