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    WebkinZONE2 My Site.

    Post by Cooldog74 on Sun Nov 09, 2008 1:29 am

    I thought I should tell you to join this one really awesomely awesome site... It's called WebkinZONE2! Based off the first site which months ago got shut down. Please join and help our community grow. Right now we have like 10 members soon we'll have 1,000's. It just takes 1 member to make a site grow. So join! Join! Join! Just join this site....

    If your not going to join then tell others and tell them to tell others to tell others and so on.

    If you do join...
    Then you can have the fun of playing in the site's Arcade, chatting with the members on the Safe Chat, and even enjoying the wonderful forums packed full of fun. Also even if you do join tell others to join and tell them to tell others.

    Because my goal is to make WebkinZONE2 back to how it was before the first site got shut down.
    Then it had... 3,000 members..... over 10,000 topics and posts and it probably had some of the best members ever...

    So if you want to be kind, nice, and a good person. Join WebkinZONE2 today. Don't wait until another day! Do it today! Today! Today!

    Join..... http://webkinzone2.smfforfree3.com

    Thank you.

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