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    The Gift Exchange Rules** Updated**


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    The Gift Exchange Rules** Updated**

    Post by luvabug1 on Sun May 11, 2008 4:40 pm

    Fair Gift Exchange Policy

    Please make sure that you are completely familiar and comfortable with this policy. It has been set in place to PROTECT everyone. Breaking ANY of the rules can result in having your Gift Exchange privileges suspended or revoked, or being banned from the site all together.

    1. First and foremost - NO SCAMMING! If you agree to give a gift, abide by it.

    2. All gifting will take place in the Gift Exchange, NOT through PM's until you gain Gift Guru status. Editing your posts after you have placed an offer is not allowed.

    3. You may ONLY HAVE ONE Gift Thread. All Gifted and Gift Guru members will post their Gift Thread in the main Gift Exchange. You must post in the correct alphabet section, using the 1st letter in your WI username. Posting in the wrong section will cause your thread to be deleted. If you post more than one thread, the second thread will be deleted.

    4. You are responsible for your Gift Thread. Please keep your first post updated by using the "modify" button to update what you still have, don't have, or have added to your lists! Please, only list things that you are willing to trade, as no matter how many times you say you won't trade an item, people will try because it's in your thread! AND - Do not list items that you don't have. If you are trading for it, or buying the pet it comes with, but do not yet have it - DO NOT LIST IT!

    5. Do not beg, plead, whine, snivel, etc. for someone to give you something or trade with you. Nobody likes a whiner. Also, do not hound, badger, or try to intimidate other members into trading with you.

    6. Don't offer gifts in someone else's Gift Thread. Each member will have their own gift thread. Do not post in their thread that you have the same item/s and will offer a better gift. That's just bad mojo. Do not offer an item in someone's thread that you have offers for on your thread.

    7. Only virtual items inside Webkinz World are allowed to be given. We do NOT allow giving of actual Webkinz pets themselves or their codes. The trading of trading cards, trading card codes, actual charms, charm codes, or other accessories or accessory codes is NOT allowed in the gift exchange. This is difficult to police and we are worried that people can misrepresent what the code is for and stick our members with bad trades.

    8. WB is NOT an Auction House!
    All offers must be entertained on a first come, first-served basis (in the order they are received). Once a user has made an offer for an item (whether they say "I want your Poodle Vanity, check my thread to see if I have anything you want" or they offer a specific item with "I want your Poodle Vanity, I'll give you my Hippo Tub"), all users MUST consider that item as taken. You can still express your interest in the item, and say that you would love their "Poodle Vanity" if the trade doesn't work out, but you are NOT allowed to "outbid" the original offer. Again, until the offer is formally declined, you can only express your interest in an item and cannot offer better items or a "faster trade". If you offer for an item on which there is a line, your post will be deleted, you will lose your place in line, and disciplinary action may be taken.

    9. If someone makes an offer on your thread and then logs off, you must allow them 9-10 hours to log back on and accept the transaction. You may wait longer, but not less.

    10. Exchanges may be refused by either party. You both must agree to a fair exchange and both be satisfied. If one party doesn't want to participate in the exchange for whatever reason, it's their choice!

    11. You must post feedback for other members when you complete a gift exchange. , PM Luvabug1 to have feed back left for you and the user. Please make sure to note what items were traded; "Traded my Poodle Vanity for their Hippo Tub."

    12. The user with the lower feedback is REQUIRED to send first. If they refuse, contact the management. Always check the feedback of your potential exchange partner!!

    13. You cannot have multiple accounts on this forum. This is to prevent members from leaving feedback for themselves and gaining GG status by cheating.(If we find multiple accounts on this forum One will be deleted and the other will be banned form the GE for one week!)

    14. You cannot use your gift list as your forum signature. Gift signatures advertise your list every time you post to the forum. It promotes open forum trading and PM offers. It takes up a ton of room and is just down right annoying.

    15. The staff will not delete your trade thread simply because you want to "start over". You can change your first post by clicking "modify" and change your lists. NOTE: If you have more than 1,000 replies to your trade thread, you are eligible for a brand new one! Please contact a GE moderator and they will delete your old one for you when you are ready!

    16. Members who have gained 50 positive feedback points as a Gifted member, at least 100 posts on the forum, One Month in the GE, and excellent GE behavior will be considered for Gift Guru status. Gurus will gain access to the GG board, and can give gifts privately through PM's with other Gift Gurus. Once you have met the requirements, post your request for GG status on the GK Application thread. Please Note: Posts in the GE do NOT count toward your overall post count you must continue to be active in other areas of the forum to gain GG status. Also Note: Your application for GG may be denied based on negative GE behavior or if you have had difficulty following GE Policy. GK is a privilege, not a right.

    17. We the GE staff reserve the right to close you Gift thread for ANY of the following reasons: Bad trades,spamming "Bumping", being rude, inactivity, inexperience, not controlling you GE well,NOT leaving feedback, Using the PM system for trades. After your GE has been closed for the alloted time PM Luvabug1 for the reopening of your GE. If it was inexperience or not leaving feedback then you will be moved to the GET. To be coached on what to do and what not to do.

    Fair Gift Exchanges

    What is a fair gift exchange?

    This is a question everyone asks and something we're going to try and answer. The Gift Exchange Value Guide can help you determine the value of your items and aid you in making good decisions.

    The following can also help you determine whether or not you are making a fair trade:

    1. A fair exchange is when two people exchange items of equal or similar value.

    I will give you my Poodle Vanity, will you give me your Hippo Tub? = Fair trade
    Nope, I want your Egyptian Bed for the Tub. = Unfair!

    2. A fair exchange is when someone offers a higher value item and asks for a lower valued item that they really, really want.

    I really want a Bubble Blower. I'll give you a Posing Plant and a Jelly Cactus. = Fair
    Really? If you want it you'll have to give me your Humvee. = Unfair!

    3. A fair exchange is when someone offers a high valued item for an ordinarily lower valued item whose value has increased due its popularity, or scarcity.

    I'll give you my Medieval Bed, can I have your Black Poodle PSI? = Fair
    I'll give my Blue Lava for your Hot Tub = Unfair!

    ####*****Please do not use the PM system to conduct trades!! We keep track of the GE Trades and we want them to be FAIR*****####

    Only offer fair exchanges. We don't want members taking advantage of those who may not know the value of their items. If you see an unfair trade in someone's Gift Registry, grab a mod quick so we can help. Unfair gifting practices will NOT be tolerated. This forum is a community for people to come and enjoy - not to get ripped off by shady members.

    Finally, if you see something not following the rules or going the wrong way, REPORT IT AND PM Luvabug1 It's the best and quickest way to get hteir attention and set things straight!

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